Solar panel cleaning

Our professional solar panel cleaning service

Our specialist insurance and professional equipment cover solar panel cleaning on ground-mounted solar farms and roof-mounted commercial & domestic solar arrays.

We do not need to walk on your roof to clean your solar panels. We regularly clean solar panels on 2 storey houses from ground level using our specialist equipment. We can also clean solar panels on factory and office roofs, public buildings and farm buildings.

We do not use any detergents or abrasives to clean solar panels. we use de-ionised water this helps stops corrosion on your panels and keeps them clean and efficient.

solar panel on red roof

How Not To Clean Solar Panels

It is not recommended by solar panel manufacturers to use chemicals to clean your panels. Tap water and rain water will not clean solar panels sufficiently to keep them running at maximum efficiency.

Using detergents to clean solar panels leaves a sticky microscopic film on the solar panel which actually attracts dirt and grime. Again, this will lead to your solar panels not running efficiently.

How Often Should You Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

It is recommended by solar panel installers that you should have your solar panels cleaned by a professional solar panel cleaning service every 6 months in rural and coastal areas and every 6-8 months in urban areas.